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Port Clinton Domestic Violence Lawyers

Representing Clients in Domestic Violence Situations

From our law firm in Port Clinton, Ohio, we serve clients throughout Ottawa County, Sandusky County and the surrounding areas.

When facing a domestic violence situation involving child or spousal abuse, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be invaluable in helping you move forward. Whether you are the victim of domestic violence, or if you have been wrongfully accused, it is important to take steps right away to protect your rights and your interests in the matter.

With more than 20 years of combined experience, the Port Clinton domestic violence attorneys at Kroeger & Peters Co., L.P.A., are able to help clients find a resolution to their legal situation. Because we understand both sides of the law, we are able to work quickly to address your concerns.

Contact our Ohio law firm online or call 419-734-4142 to discuss your domestic violence issue today.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence constitutes any type of abuse by a spouse, domestic partner, family member, boyfriend/girlfriend, or any other member of your household. It can also include abuse by a former significant other. The abuse may be physical or threats of physical violence.

Our Spousal Abuse Attorneys Handle Restraining Order Cases in Fremont and Surrounding Areas

If you are being abused, we cannot stress enough the urgency of seeking a restraining or protective order. Often judges will grant temporary orders with little supporting evidence so you can get the protection you and your family need.

Once a temporary restraining order has been established, a hearing will be set up to determine whether the protective order should be permanent. We represent either side at these hearings. Being wrongfully accused of domestic abuse can be just as damaging as being abused yourself. A restraining order can ruin one's reputation, affect his or her job, and may affect a child custody determination in a divorce proceeding. Our job is not to judge our clients in any way, but rather to represent their interests to the best of our abilities.

Contact an Experienced Attorney for Your Domestic Violence Case

To learn more how our law firm can help in your spousal or child abuse case, contact our Ohio law office to schedule a consultation.

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